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Products & Services

Burial Spaces


There are a number of choices for in ground burials. Among them are sites for traditional burials and sites for cremation burials. We also have a special section named The Garden of Angels [Babyland] which is devoted to the families that have lost an infant or baby

Mausoleum Crypts


Our recently constructed mausoleum exhibits an image that is solid yet dignified. The interment of a loved one in our mausoleum offers an above ground option to the usual ground burial.

Cremation Niches


In the Garden of Remembrance, we have built a Carnelian granite columbarium for an above ground option to place one’s cremains in. The columbarium provides families with a place to house the ashes of their loved ones in a calm sanctuary for memorialization.

Memorial Markers


We offer a variety of markers & monuments including granite in several different colors, bronze, and/or a combination of both. Depending on the section of the cemetery you choose, the markers are available in flat or upright styles.

Opening & Closing


The service of opening & closing the grave, crypt or niche is a service which includes but is not limited to grave set up, tent and chairs, and preparing niches & crypts before placement.

General Information


For current prices on any of the above cemetery items, please call our cemetery office at (940) 382-5532, Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. We have convenient financing available for any pre-need sales of property, markers, crypts, niches, etc.

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